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Urban transports spatial footprint: how much space is used by transports in the city?

In dense cities, space is a scarce resource. There is a significant difference in the space used by transport modes. Active modes, such as walking or cycling, are up to twenty times more space-efficient than the average car. Indeed, car-based transport systems require a set of infrastructures that include roads and parking spots. Even though […]

“Transport is not gender neutral”

Do women and men travel the same way? When considering gender equity, you may first think about the pay gap, role distribution or career choices. Recently though, street and transport harassment have received greater attention, unveiling that men and women may not have the same traveling perception.  You may know as well that transports’ current […]

L’empreinte spatiale des transports urbains : quel espace utilisé en ville ?

Dans les villes denses, l’espace au sol est une ressource rare. Certaines études ont montré qu’il existe une grande différence d’espace occupé entre les différents modes de transport de voyageurs. Les modes actifs (marche et vélo) peuvent occuper un espace jusqu’à vingt fois plus faible qu’une voiture individuelle. La voiture fait en effet partie d’un […]